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Article: A Look into Akrona Skincare: How We Make Our Products

A Look into Akrona Skincare: How We Make Our Products

A Look into Akrona Skincare: How We Make Our Products

Herbal Infused Oils


Each year we take a trip to Paris to the In Cosmetics Global event to check out new products and suppliers. We're super excited because we get to share photos on how our products are made and the different ingredients we use. 


The Lab 

The Lab 

The scent of essential oils and herbal extracts fill the air. There are specialist equipment and precise measuring tools to weigh all the materials. Our lab is a clean and sterile environment. It's where we make all our herbal infused oils and macerates. 

We work to create our products in a positive environment with crystals to help resonate the energy. A lot of detail goes into our products. 

How the Products are Made

There is a lot of energy in the lab. Our dedication to only using organic or wild crafted ingredients provides a unique difference. When we choose to formulate a product we create a formula and always make sure to use the most sustainable ingredients available. After we are all set with our ingredients and formula we are ready to start production on final batches. 

Step 1:

Our dried herbs and herbal powders are chosen according to the formula. The dried herbs are steeped in a chosen carrier oil depending on the formula. In our Akrona Firming Cream we use a centella powder macerate. Most of our products are herb infused. The oil it will be steeped in is different for each product. Our calendula oil is very soothing and excellent for dry/damaged skin and skin which is prone to break outs. 

Step 2:

The herbs are kept at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and steeped for 25-45 days. The finished result is a herb infused oil. All our products are freshly made in small batches so that we can keep the freshness and purity of the products. 

Step 3:

After the steeping is finished the herbs are strained and pressed. The final product is poured into glass containers. Each batch is then tested for microbial and contaminants. When it comes back clear the product is finished. We also keep track of our expiry dates each product has a 12 month shelf life from date of opening since our products are natural and organically preserved with a natural plant based preservation system. 






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