Megawhite Laser Teeth Whitening In Dublin



":Laser Teeth Whitening in Dublin" in a search that many people to our website. I'm sure that's how you found us too. Megawhite laser teeth whitening is the most popular  way to get your teeth up to 15 shades whiter in a 15 min session. We guarantee you will get a minimum result of 4 shades whiter. 


Best Laser Teeth Whitening in Dublin

Since we launched megawhite we have been offering professional laser teeth whitening in Dublin City Centre. Firstly at Fitzwilliam Street Upper our new location is in Rathmines village which is another popular destination for teeth whitening. Since then we have had hundreds of patients searching for a non peroxide teeth whitening that is quick and sensitive free and does not damage the enamel.

Our clients teeth have been transformed and the best thing is the price is only €75 and the treatment will last 4 months or longer with the correct home care products. You can book your teeth whitening appointment online. 


Teeth Whitening Clinic Rathmines

  • Akrona uses megawhite the latest technology for professional teeth whitening in Ireland used by celebrity's worldwide. 

  • Megawhite professional teeth whitening gels are free from hydrogen peroxide.

  • Because of this, you will not experience sensitivity post-treatment from Megawhite professional teeth whitening.

  • We offer the fastest professional laser teeth whitening available in Ireland

  • Finally: We are so confident in our results that we guarantee you will get a minimum result of 4 shades whiter. 


Our teeth whitening is perfect for a big event like weddings, parties, job interviews and more... We want your teeth to be mega white for those beautiful selfies. On average our clients see results of 8-10 shades whiter. This can vary depending on how your teeth are pre treatment. 

The fastest way to book your treatment is by using our online booking system. You can use this anytime to schedule your appointment.